Hunt Elementary School

We are currently building the new Hunt Elementary School in Sioux City. It is located just North of 19th Street between Jackson and Nebraska streets. We are the General Contractor for this project which was bid at $14,135,000. This project was started October of 2020 and set to be finished for the 2022-23 school year.

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Iowa DOT Building

We are currently working on the new Iowa DOT building here in Sioux City. It is being built on Highway 20 right as you're coming into town. When the building is finished it will be about a $26 million project. This project will hopefully be completed in the summer of 2023.

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Silverstar Car Washes

We have built numerous Silverstar Car Washes around the Sioux City area. Some of these that you may have seen include the location on Sergeant Rd, Floyd Blvd, Hamilton Blvd, Gordon Dr and Cornhusker Dr. We are also currently building one on Singing Hills Blvd.

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Benson Building

Nelson has purchased the six-story Benson Building located at 705 Douglas St. Currently this project is in the demolition stage getting ready for the remodel of the building. Once the remodel is complete the building will be home to retail stores, office spaces and apartments. We beleive this project will be great for Downtown Sioux City and Sioux City as a whole.

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Lake Home

At Nelson we build alot of luxurey homes including this one we are currently building. This home sits right on the lake and will have beautiful tall backdoors which will open up to give the back of the house an amazing view of the lake.

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Ace Hardware

We are currently in the process of helping build the new Ace Hardware here in town. It is located on West 4th Street.

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Iowa Air National Guard

We are so excited for this project. It is a remodel of the current Squadron Operations Building.